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I notice you guys have a couple Warriors - and possibly Holy Priests depending on which log I'm looking at, for that matter. Thought I'd drop an app in in hopes that one of them would be main swapping for ToS, and also the potential for my Priest going Shadow, which I'm open to.

Battle Tag:

Armory link:

Main spec:
DPS. Been playing Fury most of the xpac, but, my Arms artifact is about 100m from Concordance as well.

Are you comfortable playing other specs?:
I don't like tanking but I've done it occasionally and will do it when needed.

What do you do to keep up with current theorycrafting/knowledge of your class/spec?:
The Warrior community is pretty great on Discord, so that's where I spend most of my time in that respect. I'm good at my class, whichever class that may be at any given time, and take pride in my raiding, both mechanically and number-wise. So I always strive to be the best when I'm doing progression raiding.

Please provide at least 3 current Tier combat log parses:
You have a spot for raiding experience, so I'll preface my logs there.

Alt Armory link(s):
Mostly Holy, though I've been trying to keep up a Shadow spec in case I need to make a main swap. Both specs are at concordance level.

Are you able to make our raid times?:

Do you have a working headset?:

How long have you been playing WoW?:
Since about 6 months after launch, and raiding since BC.

What is your current and prior PvE experience?: /// Why are you interested in joining Humble? Why are you leaving your old guild?: - Both of these kind of go together, so, yeah.
So, obviously based off my logs, I have no current tier Mythic experience. Just before this xpac, I got a new job that has me working most nights, as such I can only raid Sunday/Monday. Kind of puts a damper on raiding, I joined a guild on realm with the schedule but they ended up falling apart due to bad leadership, we got up through Ilgy in EN (ish - we barely did any actual raiding due to attendance issues), and then just made the mistake of waiting to long into Nighthold to decide I needed to make a transfer. I have a huge amount of raid experience in the past.

Spent some time in a top40 guild in Cata, and most of the rest of the time has been in my own guild which has been around what would currently be the top500 USish, more or less getting Cutting Edge each tier on a light schedule and having some fun while raiding. That's what I'm interested in continuing with you guys. I understand that my current ilvl is a few ilvl under your raid's average ilvl, but with the new tier coming out, I'm hoping to find a new home to join up with.

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