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Battle Tag: arneis#1183

Armory link:

Main spec: Unholy

Are you comfortable playing other specs?: blood but not geared for it

What do you do to keep up with current theorycrafting/knowledge of your class/spec?: read up on wow head/icy veins and often look at top players talents via wow logs

Please provide at least 3 current Tier combat log parses:

Alt Armory link(s):

Are you able to make our raid times?: yes

Do you have a working headset?: yes

How long have you been playing WoW?: played in wotlk stoped and picked back up towards end of EN legion

What is your current and prior PvE experience?: 7/7 H en 10/10 H nh 7/9 H tos

Why are you interested in joining Humble? Why are you leaving your old guild?: i want to join a mythic raiding guild. my previous guild has been struggling to keep up with pug groups i've ran with.

EDIT:as of this morning i'm 922.
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