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Battle Tag: Oromis#1419

Armory link: Vrasa

Main spec: Unholy

Are you comfortable playing other specs?:
I am just as knowledgeable in Frost as I am in Unholy. I am a little behind on Blood spec in terms of the gameplay, but I have played Blood extensively in the past and am confident that i will have no issues playing it if I were to pick it up again. I already plan to do so, but gearing up as fast as I can for my main spec has consumed all of my play time until recently

What do you do to keep up with current theorycrafting/knowledge of your class/spec?:
I do a few different things. I use Icy Veins, with a grain of salt. I mostly do my own sims but I also keep up with the Death Knight Discord channels. The best and most thorough theorycrafters have made their way there so i usually direct any questions or refer to any guides in that setting. I also know a few players that current play Death Knight in a relatively solid progression raiding level and have gotten recent info from them.

Please provide at least 3 current Tier combat log parses:
Normal NH Heroic EN
I do plan on getting some more later tonight

Alt Armory link(s): Hunter, Bear Tank

Are you able to make our raid times?:
Every one of them, including Tues/Wed norm/heroic clears.

Do you have a working headset?:
Of course.

How long have you been playing WoW?:
I have been playing wow since 2008 in Wrath. I've taken a few breaks but never longer than 4 months or so.

What is your current and prior PvE experience?:
I have quite a bit. I began raiding in Wrath starting super casual and making my way up to a heroic clearing level guild. I never got a H LK kill as I started raiding at that level very late in the expansion ( I didn't hit 80 until shortly after TotC hit).

Cataclysm I raided in a few different US top 100 guilds, <Roll Initiative>, <OBSCURE REFERERENCE> before going casual due to the burnout of Dragon Soul.

MoP I formed my own guild that was just a 2-3 day chill raiding environment of several IRL friends, before most of them had to quit the game due to IRL obligations. I then joined another cutting edge progression guild, this time <Pie Chart> on Bleeding Hollow at a US 10-15 progression range for MoP and beyond.

For WoD, I raided with <Pie Chart>, until they took a permanent hiatus from raiding. I then stepped away from the game shortly after Blackrock Foundry.

I reformed my own guild again in Legion and that lasted until a few months ago. We were very very casual and got a few bosses into Mythic Nighthold and that was it.

Why are you interested in joining Humble? Why are you leaving your old guild?:
Around 3 months ago my guild and another merged to make a stronger and more populated raiding guild, as the server is very stagnant in not only population but decent raiders. I also had to step away from the game for a few months at that time. Once I got back, about 2 weeks ago, I decided I'd like to get back into the more serious raiding scene again. I have been feeling the itch again lately, and also because after coming back to the game the guild that was left was no longer the same one that I had ran before the merge and my absence. I felt it was time to bow out and move on. Also, Now that my career has started and will have no changes in the foreseeable future, I can do the schedule again. Including the work outside of raids that it requires.

I'd like to join Humble because you guys seem like you know how to get things down with a shortened down schedule and an enjoyable raid environment (Judging from your kill videos and a talk with Soj). I especially enjoy that you have an optional Tues/Wed normal and heroic run. I think Humble is the kind of environment that I can enjoy myself and contribute to the success of the team.

I am the type of person that has raided at a high level, which from what I understand is majority of this guild, but I no longer want to do the 4 day or more schedule. Most of my experience has been with 3 day schedules in a US 100 setting, whereas Pie Chart was a 4 day requirement. 2 day progression with the optional days if I can make it seem ideal for me. As it stands currently, having returned to the game a few weeks back after a 3 month break, I started gearing up my Death Knight to main DPS. It seems like those are in demand, and I have mained it in the past for a length of time. Majority of my raiding career has been as a Hunter, but I do not agree with the situation that Hunters are currently in. If necessary, I can play Hunter in the future as I know the class in and out. My old Pie Chart Hunter pal is currently in Alacrity and mains Hunter, and any info I need I can get from him on the fly, along with any info I dig up for myself from Icy Veins as Azortharion, the primary Hunter theorycrafter does the guides there. I am pretty versatile with what I can play and do, so I think that will be an advantage from having me along, though I leave that up to you.

I will be getting some logs tonight in a pug or at worst LFR if I can't find one, and I also spoke with Soj about possibly joining Tuesday or Wednesday's run. I have cleared ToS on normal thus far, but again I am used to picking fights up on the go, and fast. I do not believe this will be an issue, although I understand any reservations. My biggest issue at this point is gear, as I am only 903 ilvl. I do have ToS 4 piece from Normal ToS gear with an LFR piece thrown in, but I also have only one Legendary. I already have the upgrade that allows you to wear two, and I've been doing any and everything I can to get the second to drop. The first took 25 hours of gametime at level 110 to drop, so I'm really hoping the second, or third, does not take that long. Once I get that I'll get a considerable boost. I have absolutely zero issues of tagging along in the Tues/Wed runs to gear up before I am able to join any sort of Mythic level content.

I look forward to hearing from you guys, thanks for reading!
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